Dear Amazon Performance Team.

We were informed that our account has been suspended because we need to provide the documents to Amazon to verify our account. Sincerely thanks to Amazon could give us a chance to submit our documents to verify.

Credit card on file is valid and has been withheld USD39.99 Amazon store rentals.

The following documents we submit as Amazon required, please kindly review the attachments attached:

1. Electricity bill. Name and address are visible.

2. Business license.

3. The front and back side of ldentity Card.

We just registered down the account and there is no any active listing and sold order.

Amazon could check the attachments to confirm and understand that all documents we provided are real and comply with Amazon policy. Currently we are providing detailed information to let you how we will do to comply with Amazon’s policy to sell products in the future.

Best regards

Shop ID: XXX


This is our first time to sign up for the Amazon Europe site. We asked our Amazon account Manager why our account was closed.

He told us that our account is associated with another account amazon. This issue is very shocking

to us. Our company applied for the first time to register for the Amazon Europe site.

We totally can't understand why it was judged to be associated with another account.

We checked all of our data of Company and equipment, they are all new.we are very strict with Amazon's rules.

We certainly understand that we can only operate one Amazon account,

and we also register for the first time, and only one account.

Because I have to go on business trips regularly,Amazon has 24 hours to reply to the information of client,

so I purchased an Aliyun Remote server IP (ECS),Today, I went to ask their customer service.

They said that their IP address will be recycled. We can't confirm whether it is just because our address was previously

registered Amazon account by someone else, but this is out of our control, cause we can’t check the IP that

how it use before, can you understand?

Before buying (ECS) IP, we can't check what this IP used to do. We are very sorry for this,

we will not use this ip operation account in the future. We will re-purchase a new network cable to log in to our account to avoid your

concerns. We have provided you with all the information of our company to prove that we are the first time to register an Amazon account Europe ,

please check our information carefully.But now my account is blocked because of this account associate with other

accounts, I can provide information related to the account to prove our innocence, I hope you can reinstate my account

I look forward to your reply, thank you deeply!ply!


I understand that recently our performance as a seller on Amazon.com has fallen below both Amazon's and our own standards of quality. I believe there are two main reasons this has happened:

Disorganization in our inventory management has resulted in late shipments and, even worse, unavailable items.

When late shipments and unavailable items have occurred our response to has been too slow and communication with customers has not been adequate.

I believe it is mainly because of our inadequate communi cation that we have recently seen an increase in customer A-z guarantee claims which has resulted in our order defect rate exceeding the performance target of <1%.

Plan of Action: We are taking the following steps to improve our performance:

Improve inventory control by reducing the number of items offered until we have systems in place to more adequately handle the number of orders we are receiving.

Most importantly, we will respond more quickly and proactively to any problems with customer orders to keep our customers more informed and help prevent A-z guarantee claims.

In addition, we will more aggressively monitor our performance metrics to assure we are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own standards of quality customer service.

In evaluating our selling practices, we found a mistake in our inventor upload file.

Our Plan of Action:

Our inventory file has been reviewed. All misclassification condition items have been re-categorized to follow Amazon's Condition Guidelines. Entire inventory has been deleted from Marketplace to reflect all changes. All of our vendors' inventory will be reviewed before adding to our inventory. Please let us know what should be done to reinstate our account, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear Amazon Seller Performance Team.

We understand that recently our performance as a seller on Amazon, com has fallen below both Amazon's and our own standards of quality.

I believe it is mainly because of our inadequate communication that we have recently seen two A-Z guarantee claims which have resulted in

our ODR exceeding the performance target of <1%.

Unfortunately, we changed the Listings Status to be Inactive from 23/01/2014 to 06/02/2014

because of a long vacation, obviously, the two complaints are nightmare during the period without order.

Plan of Action: We are taking the following steps to improve our performance:

1.Review a 11 of products to make sure that the pictures and descriptions are accurately match

with our products.

2.Most importantly, we wiII complete the investigation more quickly and proactively (within12 hours) to any problems with customer orders to

keep our customers more informed and help prevent A~z guarantee claims as much as possible, then replacement or a full refund will be

done within 24 hours

3.In addition, we will more aggressively monitor our performance metrics to assure we are meeting the standards set by Amazon and our own s

tandards of quaIity customer service.




3、可以支付美元的双币信用卡(Visa 等)



1、点击登录亚马逊官方网站 gs.amazon.cn 注册北美站点(点击这里)

2、 填写姓名、邮箱地址、密码,创建新用户

3、 填写地址、卖家名称、联系方式,进行电话/短信认证验证码










4、如何理解产品的海关编码(HS Code),编码归类的主要依据是什么?






一般贸易报关分普货和带电,普货广州出,备案到广州机场口岸。 带电的货,香港飞,备案到皇岗口岸。






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自 2018 年 2 月 22 日起,亚马逊官方将开始按照商品体积(长 x 宽 x 高,以英寸为单位)除以 139(而不是之前的 166)这种方式来计算体积重量。体积重量仅适用于重量超过 1 磅的大号标准尺寸商品以及所有小号、中号和大号大件商品。请注意,体积重量还用于计算多渠道配送费用和库存配置服务费用。

标准尺寸 1月–9月 10月–12月 全年费率
小号(不超过1磅) 2.41 美元 2.39 美元 2.41 美元
大号(不超过1磅) 2.99 美元 2.88 美元 3.19 美元
大号(1磅至2磅.) 4.18 美元 3.96 美元 4.71 美元
大号(超过2磅) 4.18 美元 + 0.39 美元/磅
超出首重 2 磅的部分)
3.96 美元 + 0.35 美元/磅
超出首重 2 磅的部分)
4.71 美元 + 0.38 美元/磅
超出首重 2 磅的部分)
大件 1 月 – 9 月 10 月 – 12 月 全年费率
小号大件 6.85 美元 + 0.39 美元/磅
超出首重 2 磅的部分)
6.69 美元 + 0.35 美元/磅
(超出首重 2 磅的部分)
8.13 美元 + 0.38 美元/磅
(超出首重 2 磅的部分)
中号大件 9.20 美元 + 0.39 美元/磅
(超出首重 2 磅的部分)
8.73 美元 + 0.35 美元/磅
(超出首重 2 磅的部分)
9.44 美元 + 0.38 美元/磅
(超出首重 2 磅的部分)
大号大件 75.06 美元 + 0.80 美元/磅
(超出首重 90 磅的部分)
69.50 美元 + 0.76 美元/磅
(超出首重 90 磅的部分)
73.18 美元 + 0.79 美元/磅
(超出首重 90 磅的部分)
特殊大件 138.08 美元 + 0.92 美元/磅
(超出首重 90 磅的部分)
131.44 美元 + 0.88 美元/磅
(超出首重 90 磅的部分)
137.32 美元 + 0.91 美元/磅
(超出首重 90 磅的部分)
如果是服装商品,每件商品应添加 0.40 美元



“专业销售计划”费用 = 月租金 + 销售佣金






2.按件最低销售佣金。举例:一个母婴产品的单价为5美元,其销售佣金百分比为15%,其按件最低销售佣金为1美元。由于5美元×15%=0.75美元<1美元,所以 此件母婴产品的销售佣金为1美元。

分类 销售佣金百分比 适用的最低销售佣金
亚马逊设备配件 45% 1.00美元
母婴 15% 1.00美元
图书 15% --
摄像摄影 8% 1.00美元
手机设备 8% 1.00美元
电视/音响 8% 1.00美元
DVD 15% --
电视/音响配件 总售价中100美元以内的部分扣15%;
家具和装饰 15% 1.00美元
15% 1.00美元
厨具 15% 1.00美元
大型家电 总售价中300美元以内的部分扣15%;
音乐 15% --
乐器 15% 1.00美元
办公用品 15% 1.00美元
户外 15% 1.00美元
个人电脑 6% 1.00美元
软件和电脑/视频游戏 15% --
运动(体育收藏品除外) 15% 1.00美元
工具和家居装修 15%,但基础设备电动工具为12% 1.00美元
玩具 15% 1.00美元
解锁手机 8% 1.00美元
影视 15% --
视频游戏机 8% --
所有其他分类 15% --
需要批准的分类 销售佣金百分比 适用的最低销售佣金
3D打印商品 12% --
汽车和机动车 12%,不含10%的轮胎和车轮商品 1.00美元
美妆 15% 1.00美元
服装和配饰 15% 1.00美元
收藏类图书 15% --
硬币收藏品 参阅卖家平台
娱乐收藏品 参阅卖家平台
艺术品 参阅卖家平台
礼品卡 20% --
食品 15% --
15% 1.00美元
12% 1.00美元
珠宝首饰 20% 2.00美元
箱包和旅行用品 15% 1.00美元
鞋靴、手提包和太阳镜 15% 1.00美元
体育收藏品 参阅卖家平台
钟表 15% 2.00美元